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Sound is your cheapest production design.

When a project has achieved “picture lock”, meaning the visuals in the edit – the shot choices and their timecodes – are finalized, it’s time to perfect the sound. This process involves creating sounds that match the action you see on screen. If you see an actor close a car door, but you don’t hear it, your brain is left dissatisfied, whether that dissatisfaction is felt consciously or unconsciously. This process involves making those sounds; setting a balance between speakers to give the listener a three-dimensional immersion within the sound; equalization, to ensure a certain sound doesn’t have too much muddiness, piercing high frequencies, or distorted, bass-y rumble; level control, for a natural loudness of each individual sound; layering, for all of the different elements that combine to create each sound; spacial mixing, to match the space seen on screen with the right amounts and types of reverb and echo. This list goes on, but we’re already rambling!

Loud Color LA Kitchen & Client Waiting Area
Loud Color LA Kitchen
Voiceover casting, audition coordination, recording, and mixing, with Source-Connect and ISDN.
Original music, or licensed stock audio tracks, customized and remixed to fit the production.
Foley, sound design, ADR, looping, dialog cleanup and mixing for feature film productions.
Confidentiality & Security
We’re used to NDA’s, and we work with governments and major corporations, keeping all materials on highly-secure servers.
Sound Design and Foley
We record and create custom sounds to match the action on screen, using real-world materials, synthesizers and grit.
Video Game Trailers
High-impact, immersive, mind-numbing, epic sound design, mixing and mastering for AAA game franchise trailers and sizzle reels.
Radio & Streaming
Full production, from start to finish: Memorable, vibrant radio spots, including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and all others.
Rush Delivery
We’re open 24/7, and we can work overnight to deliver a completed work of art under immense pressure and tight deadlines.
Online Video
Web commercials, YouTube pre-rolls, Hulu ads, network promos, explainers. We do them all!
Mixing & Mastering
Making hundreds of sounds work together at the same time takes a lot of experience. We mix and master all productions with the utmost care.

A sound studio in Huntsville, Alabama that kicks ass.

When sound quality and creativity are compromised, the whole thing falls apart. But if you’re reading this, odds are you already know how dangerous it is to overlook audio. Work produced in at Loud Color has been heard by HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. We don’t f- around.

Edit & Post

We don’t just “edit” sound. We make it sing. From de-noising and de-clicking, to adding airy top-end with Pultec EQ’s.

Sonic Power

Sound is science. Every element needs to occupy its frequency and stereo space. We’re nerds, so we’ve got this.

We combine the newest technology with vast experience to explode your mind.

When we say there’s nothing we can’t do with sound, we mean it.

Loud Color LA Client Journal for Notes

Careful Notes.

We admit, we’ve got a bit of OCD. That comes in handy when time is of the essence, and a spot has to hit the air.

Loud Color Studio Mixroom A

Comfortable Mix Environments.

Cleanliness, organization, calming lighting, candles and art aren’t just for fun. They actually impact the end product. A peaceful space leads to bold results.

Loud Color in Huntsville, Alabama

Location, Location, Location.

We’re HQ’d in Huntsville, right between East & West Coast time zones, and have satellites in LA & NYC

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