Sound Design and Aural Excitement that will blow your brain.

Sound is your cheapest production design. Even so, far too many movies, promos, TV shows and commercials DGAF about it. This is a serious problem. So, Loud Color is OCD about sound. We’re nerds. Pretty hardcore nerds. If you ask us about phase correlation, nodes, modes, and Rodes, prepare to take an epic nap as we drone on for hours. That’s the thing: Behind every art is a science. Most people abandon their art when the science gets too science-y. But we LOVE science. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. See?

Reaching Sonic Climax

Point is, the typical video mill can’t discern when their sound design and mix have reached peak climax. Because they’ve got better things to do than understand how much peak reduction should be applied to an LA-2A, or which De-Ess threshold point should be dialed in on a Manley VoxBox for a crisp VO. We speak sound. Actually, Loud Color mix engineers kinda “see” sound. It’s like synesthesia; it’s got a taste and a texture.

Avantone Mixcube at Loud Color LA Studios
Jesse Springer, Executive Producer at Loud Color LA

The Ad Agency’s BFF

Most of our clients are major ad agencies and production companies who need a completed, broadcast-ready production yesterday. If you’re a Creative Director, you know this drill all too well. It’s 6pm on a Friday night, and your client wants a fully-produced demo in their inbox on Saturday morning. This is where we shine. You can shoot us your script, hop on a quick call to brief us, and expect a fully-cast, sound designed, scored and mixed audio file for radio or TV within a few hours. Already have your talent? No prob. We can patch in to voiceover studios around the world in realtime, ultra high definition via Source Connect, ipDTL or ISDN.


Hop on a call with us for a brief. Tell us what you need and how fast. We will execute for you, at lightning speed and with stunning creativity.

Voice Casting.

We know almost everyone in the voiceover industry. No joke. The big talent agencies, and hundreds of individual performers, both SAG-AFTRA and non-union. And we cast fast.

Up All Night.

In Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, productions never cease. Need something done overnight? Dude. We’ve got you. It’s practically our specialty.


Our work has been heard by literally hundreds of millions of people in one form or another. We’ve worked with the biggest brands and agencies of the world, which is why Loud Color is synonymous with OMG.

Sound Design.

If a sound doesn’t exist, we create it. We use hundreds of synthesizers, VST, effects and tens of thousands of hours of eperience to make freaking anything.

The Mix.

We often have over a hundred audio tracks playing at once to create one unique environment. But getting them to work cohesively is an art and a science. This is mixing.


Projects in Progress


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