Sound Design, Mix, Voiceover and audio post production facility in Long Beach, California.

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Mixing a Commercial at Loud Color LA
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If you listen closely, excellent sound design has a hue. Height. Depth. And even taste. We mix audio “Synesthetically”. Don’t know what that means? It’s OK. We made it up. It comes from the word “Synesthesia”, a sensory phenomenon where sounds can appear as colors or shapes in the mind’s eye. Practically speaking, this means we’re looking at every mix as an aural painting, with lines and spaces we need to paint in with colorful frequencies. A full mix has depth, meaning the ear perceives what’s important as “closer”. And height, meaning powerful bass energy hits the listener in your lower chest, while high frequencies seem to fly above you. We’re nerds. Audiophiles. And we’re obsessed with creating those loud, colorful, “holy s***” moments with sound.


World Class Gear

We’re a largely digital studio, and we use the absolute best tools available anywhere. LA-2A, Manley, Pultec, SoundToys, FabFilter, 1176’s… If you can dream it, we have the gear to make it.


ASAP Agency Work

We’re used to getting calls from agencies at 7pm on a Friday night, asking for a fully-cast, recorded, produced, sound designed and mixed spot by 11pm. We’re ad agency antiperspirant.


Remote Mix Sessions

We’re in Long Beach, California, and we work with agencies around the world. You don’t have to be present to get exactly what you want. We can patch you in from anywhere, in high definition.


Color = Life

Bright lights, rainbows and unicorns. See inside our Long Beach Recording Studio, where colorful art rules!

What We Do

We make sounds that KICK ASS.

Loud Color LA works with ad agencies, networks and production companies around the world. We’re available remotely, last-minute, and all the time. We even produce spots on spec in some situations. If you haven’t worked with Loud Color yet… OMFG. Please, let us blow your brain!

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Bala Energy Drink Commercial by Loud Color LA
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