Sound Design / Foley / Audio Mix / Master

Sound design, dialog editing, foley, audio mix and master by Loud Color LA.

Sound Design / Foley / Audio Mix / Master


In this THX mix, we crafted original sounds with synthesizers, foley, granular synthesis and complex effects. We utilized immersive VR and 3D mixing techniques to give a clear sense of space and environment. The entire mix consists of nearly 300 audio tracks, from atmospheres and ambiances to foley and unique transitions. The mix was completed at Loud Color LA’s Long Beach studio. All visual components are property of THX Ltd.

Sound Design / Remix / Foley / Mix & Master

For this announce trailer for Ubisoft’s new game, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, we created original game sounds, atmospheres, foley and sound design, and mixed it up to taste. Produced by Artifact Studios / Uncle Victor.

Sound Design / Remix / Foley / Mix & Master

In this project for Casper, we remixed the Beatles’ “I’m Only Sleeping” at a faster BPM, with vintage synthesizers, live harps, orchestral elements, and a new drum kit. We used specialized tools to split the Beatles’ original master into four different stems, so we could process the vocals, guitars, bass and drums separately. Once our remix was completed, we crafted original, minimal sound design with subtle moments of ADR.

Sound Design / Foley / Audio Mix / Master

This visionary film was directed by Jordan Hall and John Margaritis. Due to COVID, we were provided with ADR recorded on the actors’ cell phones. We mixed this, along with over 300 original, unique tracks of foley, ambience and FX. Almost no original production audio was used; most elements were re-created.

Atmospheres / Sound Design / Foley / Mix & Master


Sound design, foley, atmospheres and mix completed at Loud Color LA, with voiceover recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Produced by Artifact Studios for KCET/PBS SoCal.

Music Remix / Sound Design / Foley / Mix & Master

Directed by Ryan Staake and produced by Pomp&Clout, this commercial features music by Philip Glass, which we enhanced with numerous orchestral elements, flutes, drums, and a vintage Yamaha CS80 synth, paired with original, crisp sound design.

Sound Design / Foley / Mix & Master

In this project for American Express, we created original sound design for AMEX transactions using vintage synthesizers. We also recorded unique foley elements, atmospheres and walla. Then mixed and served! Produced by Flock of Pixels.